I would like to thank God and also Jesus for whoever made that shirt.

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Muere Gabriel García Márquez

Adiós Gabo…

Ni procesión de Miércoles Santo  ni final de la Copa del Rey, (entre el Real Madrid FC y FC Barcelona), yo ahora mismo lo que no puedo es dejar de mirar el móvil.image

…de tapas.

All these people bitching about how terrible Regina is...



Make me laugh because you are all WEAK AS SHIT!

"Emma shouldn’t be with someone who has tried to kill her and rune her life!"

"Emma shouldnt be with someone who almost killed her child!"

"Emma shouldnt be with someone that commited mass murder!"

Oh my … coming from the Xena/Gabby fandom I am…


-Swan Queen seal-


And they lived happily ever after made tapas…

and Spain says:

Hoooolaaaa, bienvenidas a España.

Os hace un tapeo?


Abr 9


After Neal’s funeral, Regina decided to go after Zelena by herself. Nobody knew about Regina’s plans, included Emma. While she was searching for something to defeat the witch at her house, Emma decided to call Regina to know if everything was okay for her. It wasn’t.

Abr 8

Regina ‘The Body’ Mills


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Abr 7
I am not sure which one I prefer….

I am not sure which one I prefer….

Abr 7


3x16 Evil Cleavage

Abr 4

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LOL Video: Once Upon a Time Declares a 'Witch Watch' in Effect -- Ready Yer Pails of Water!


fucking hell what a cutie pie

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